What sets Swarg ghee apart is the source and the way it is processed.

The source – the desi cows or humped native cows graze free in the green

forests of Banneghatta which is filled with medicinal herbs.

No concentrates/supplements are given to the cows. After giving milk in the morning, they walk free into the forest and are back only by the evening.

– Swarg butter unlike the dairy butter(which is force separated from milk), is

handchurned from fresh curds of pure desi cow milk. The hand churning

ensures that only that part of milk which is to form healthy ghee is separated.

The golden colour of both the butter and ghee is a sign of purity. Thus

churned butter is converted in ghee on fire from wood or cow dung cakes

which form the purest form of fire as per vedic traditions on a full moon day.

Ghee is made hence is purely satvic and has plenty of fat soluble vitamins.

Swarg ghee lowers of bad cholesterol compared with others.

Swarg’s products are used by a few ayurvedic institutions in bangalore for

the authenticity and quality that Swarg provides.