Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee

As per Ayurvedic tradition, Cow Ghee helps in the growth and development of Children’s brain Regular consumption increases good (HDL) cholesterol (and not bad LDL cholesterol) Stimulates digestion and aids absorption of fat soluble vitamins An excellent all round anti-ageing vegetarian food & external applicant on the skin 10 gms. of cow ghee used in […]

Nutritional Facts

Contents of Cows Milk 100gms of Cows Milk contains: Phosphorous 0.93 gms -> Energy release for metabolic activity and physical activity Calcium 1.20gm -> Healthy bones and Teeth Iron 0.002 gm -> Magnesium -> for muscle function and elements Vanadium, chromium, tin, aluminum, abhrak and sisa. It has 25 types of minerals and Vitamins as: […]

Did you know this?

Nourishes Skin and provides fair complexion and fights with dryness of the skin Enhances the wound healing process in the case of burns and heals without leaving marks Maintains Blood Cholesterol Level Lowers the bad blood cholesterol level and enhances the good blood cholesterol level thus helps the heart Nourishing to the women during pregnancy […]