Swarg’s Desi Cow Milk Full Moon Ghee

Ghee known as Ghritha in Sanskrit is our age old ayurvedic medicine and taste enhancer. It’s high heat cooking ability makes it the perfect oil – The best for our consumption

It has fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Ghee helps in digestion, ulcers, and constipation. Ghee promotes healthy skin and eyes. It also promotes learning and memory retention. Ghee is very important during the early development of brain in children. It aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods. It is rich in antioxidants.

All of this is true only when the ghee is made in the right way. Originally ghee in our country used to be made via the tradtional method by boiling milk, setting to curd, churned using a wooden churner (vilona – bilona method – Alternate double sided churning method). Now a days, what we get cannot be called ghee, rather butter oil since it is cold skimmed directly from milk thereby making both the skimmed / slim milk and so prepared fat based oil undigestable in our body.

Traditionally prepared ghee can have various health benefits as tried by various alternative medicine doctors across India. Some tried and tested ailments are listed as follows: skin disorders, diabetes mellitus, cholesterol, migraine, lupus, digestive disorders, acidity, weight issues, cough and cold, sinus, blood pressure and also in cancer care. (Contact us if you would like to get treated the tradtional way, we can connect you to some wonderful doctors)

Swarg’s Full Moon Ghee

Swarg’s Full moon ghee is prepared as mentioned in our ancient texts.

  1. First – The right milk: Fresh raw desi cow milk is boiled and set to whole curds using traditional culture*.
  2. Second – The right way – The whole curd is churned with a wooden churner in vilona – bilona method (alternate direction churning) to obtain yellow butter. The alternate direction churing method also known as the Vilona – Bilona method aids in creating of healthy fats (the right % of PUFA and  MUFA in the ghee which on consumption reduce bad cholestrol and increases good cholestrol in our body.
  3. Third – The right time – The butter is converted to ghee on full moon day by using cow dung cake fire, the healthiest fire. Preparing ghee on the full moon before the moon reaches its fullness makes the ghee, vatta, pitta and kapha balancing. When the 3 elements are balanced then no form of sickness will come near the body. Cow dung cake fire is one of the slowest yet healthiest fires for cooking any eatable. When used for cooking, The nutrients are well preserved for our body

*The traditional culture is obtained by activating microorganisms in the milk by natural means like tamarind instead of adding store bought artificially synthesized culture.

Some more interesting facts about properly made ghee as per our tradition:

  • The older the ghee the more the medicinal value
  • Ghee is best stored in gold vessel. procelain, steel, glass follow in the same order
  • For long term storage, Ghee should not be exposed to air and infrared radiation either from sun rays or from kitchen heat
  • If ghee is properly made and consumed regularly in the right way and quantity then you cannot get fat. only butter oil or improperly prepared ghee makes us fat.

To be continued…

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    Iam a cow devotee with six NATI cows in our school. I run a school in Nellore AP and would like to have anyone visit our school and give a talk on Gopuja to the children

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